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A passion story

Paulo Behar, 44, an engineer, has developed his career as an IT executive. Photography has flowed in parallel for all this time, since adolescence. The prioritization of the business career did not prevent his dream of becoming a photographer. The business life gave him support and security, and so, 20 years later, the project of change, and return to its origins, came back with absolute conviction, planning, and a huge motivation to record the beauties that only photography can capture.
In this way, the professional photographic career began in 2017, with many courses and field trips, in particular, the workshops given by the icon of nature photography, and now its curator, Araquém Alcântara, who in his words "seeks to portray the natural beauties and wildlife in a pure, genuine and transparent way, allowing nature to express itself with its own virtue and energy. "
Paulo has already received recognition of the online editions of National Geographic Brasil and the BBC Brazil with several publications. In 2017 he was also in the select group of photographers who published the 15 most-liked post from the online edition of National Geographic Brasil - Your Shot. In 2018 he received the Honorable Mention of the Brasilia Photo Show and the Toronto International Salon.
His work is currently exhibited at the remarkable Afro Museum of the Ibirapuera Park in São Paulo (Dec / 2018). According to Silvio Pinhatti, FineArt Printer and curator of the exhibition,
"Paulo Behar intend to record the beauties of nature and wildlife, with a look that seeks to impact and thrill the viewer." 

Today, Paulo leads the photographic production called Felines of Brazil. Book, exhibitions, and workshops will take place in 2020.